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Abstracts must be included in the conference proposal, which are drawn up according to the following rules:

Requirements for abstract submissions

Abstracts should be written in Russian and/or English. Please provide from 5 to 10 key words in alphabetical order. Please do not exceed 2 pages, including a bibliography. Typesetting requirements: Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.0., margin 2 cm. An abstract submitted in both Russian and English may not exceed 4 pages.

Abstract Template

Ivan Ivanov
PhD, Associate Professor, St Petersburg University, St Petersburg,
Keywords: xxxxxxxx
At present, one of the main directions in the study of phraseology is the investigation of the issue of the national and cultural specifics of the phraseological resources of a language, which are considered as national and specific units representing the cultural potential of the people and reflecting the differences of languages and cultures. It is generally recognized that comparative research contributes to solving the problems dealing with the identification of common and unique for the languages in question and the description of various translation challenges, in particular, of nonequivalent vocabulary.
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