Participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge in the following sessions:

Section 1. Translation and linguoculturology. Managing translation processes. Supplementary education in the field of translaiton.

Section 2. Professional linguodidactics.

Section 3. Modern trends in cognitive science.

Section 4. Modern trends in pragmatical, social and forensic linguistics.

Section 5. Communication in the digital society. Language and media.

Section 6. Literature today: type of art, synthesis of science, the tool to nurturing the spirit and personality.

Section 7. Roman languages and the dialogue of cultures.

Section 8. Dialogue of languages in the German linguocultural space.

Section 9. Russia and the East: the dialogue of cultures and languages.

Section 10. Africa in a changing world: history, culture, languages, and literature.

Section 11. Russian language and its role in a new polycentric world.

Section 12. Peoples of the Arctic: modern language space.

Section 13. Ethnolinguistics. Anthropocentrism and national identity.

Section 14. Language unity and language diversity in the global world.

Round tables and creative meetings are planned to be the part of the conference.

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