Panel 1. Translation and Cultural Linguistics

Panel 2. Professional Language Pedagogy

Panel 3. Non degree programs: the way to implement continuous education

Panel 4. Current Trends in Cognitive Linguistic Research

Panel 5. Current Trends in Pragma- and Sociolinguistics

Panel 6. Media communication: theory, problems, methods

Panel 7. National Literature in Cultural Dialogue

Panel 8. Romance languages in Cultural Dialogue

Panel 9. The Dialog of Cultures in the German Cultural and Linguistic Space

Panel 10. East-West: A Dialogue of Cultures

Panel 11. Africa in the Age of Changes: History, Culture, Languages and Literature

Panel 12. Russian in the Modern Intercultural Context

Panel 13. Linguistic Unity and Linguistic Diversity in the Global World

Panel 14. The Peoples of the Arctic Region: The Sociolinguistic Context Today

Panel 15. Languages and Cultures over Time: Contemporary Classical Philology
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